Aten 8-Väylä HDMI Kytkin Hopea



With more and more HDMI devices entering the Home Theater market, the need for simultaneous access to different HDMI A/V sources is becoming increasingly important. Now, the VS0801H 8-port HDMI Switch offers an easy and affordable way to add HDMI capabilities to your home theater system by allowing you to switch easily between up to eight HDMI A/V sources (such as an HD camcorder or satellite box, HD-DVD player, hi-def Blu-ray player, home theater PC, stand-alone streaming media player, gaming console, etc.) that are connected to your HDMI display. The remote control and convenient front panel pushbuttons allow you to quickly and easily toggle between HDMI sources, while the front panel LEDs indicate the source device at a glance. Furthermore, for complete system and install integration, RS-232 control is standard through the VS0801Hs built-in bi-directional RS-232 serial remote port that allows the switch to be controlled through a high-end controller, PC, and/or home automation/home theater software package. Compatible power supply: 0AD6-1605-24EG Data rate: 6.75 Gbps Elektroninen laitetyyppi: HDMI Enimmäistarkkuus: 1080P HDCP-versio: HDCP 1.1 -yhteensopiva Liitännät, lähtö: HDMI-Lähtö Liitännät, tulo: 8x HDMI Tulo + RS232 Naaras Mitta: 437×159,8×44 mm Pakkaus: Laatikko Power consumption: 3.71 W Satamat: 8-Väylä Toiminnan Hallinta: RS232 Tuettu tekniikka: HDCP Ulkomateriaali: Metalli Väri: Hopea Virtapistoke: DC-liitin


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